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“Back to First Principles”: A Conversation with George Washington about the Constitution, U.S. Government, Revolutionary War, Politics, and Much More–Kindle Edition–by Jay A. Parry


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What If George Washington Could Return to Help Our Troubled Nation?

What if we could interview George Washington and learn his views on the state of America today? What if we could ask him about the national debt, the U.S. economy, foreign relations, and the true purpose of the American Constitution? How would he feel about our gridlocked Congress, questionable Supreme Court decisions, and the flurry of executive orders? What if he could share his thoughts on the separation of powers and the place of religion in America?

With his Revolutionary War experience, what could our first commander-in-chief tell us about how to use our armed forces in conflict? How would he combat terrorism and establish homeland security?

What if we had President George Washington as a leader—or at least an advisor—for our nation today?

Essential Reading for Our Difficult Times

This book approximates such an interview as the author asks questions of vital importance for our day and shares the answers Washington gave when he faced those very issues in his lifetime.

Washington’s words are as current and timely today as when he first uttered them. The Founding Fathers of America were nothing less than brilliant in their understanding of the role of government–and of human nature. Even though times, demographics, and technology all change, basic human nature does not change. And the purposes of government, including the reasons for the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, are the same as they were at America’s founding.

Timeless Counsel from the Father of Our Country

Who was George Washington? What did he believe? And how can his political philosophy help us today? This book answers those questions with eloquence and insight–in his own words. “Back to First Principles” is filled with hundreds of quotes of George Washington, all included to help us become better acquainted with the first President of the United States–and all designed to help us learn, from his own mouth, how the Constitution and our political system can best function.

A Book to Help Renew America

This book will help all of us, regardless of our politics–Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, libertarian, or something in between–better comprehend our nation’s founding principles. It will increase understanding of government and political science. It will bring greater clarity to the problems facing our political parties. And it will enhance our appreciation for George Washington, the man and the leader.

Washington’s voice from the past provides us with a clear vision of what America was created for–and what this country can become again.

A Personal Note from the Author

I became a student of Washington 30 years ago. I was privileged to coauthor a biography of his life (The Real George Washington,which eventually attained bestseller status), and became intimately acquainted with him. My regard for him has only deepened since.

As I immersed myself in his life and writings, I saw more and more how essential his experience, character, and political philosophy were to the founding of America. With his fellow Founders—including Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison—he created a framework of freedom balanced by constitutional law that established a unique nation, one destined to bless the entire world.

Return to the Founders

Now, as we face unprecedented challenges as a nation, it is time to return to the wisdom of the Founders. In these pages we see Washington’s answers to many of today’s problems. If we will hearken, our country can be strengthened and renewed.


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